UK Classifieds

UK Classifieds is part of the Award Winning WebCity Marketing (As Advertised on UK TV). WebCity started out many years ago when the internet was just beginning, in fact we used to run a popular dial-up Bulletin Board System called WebCity for many years, starting in 1990. We run several web sites including directories, web hosting, domain name registration, dating, travel and classified advertising sites.

UK Classifieds has been designed to be very search engine friendly so that our customers ads receive maximum exposure and response. This site is listed in all the most popular search engines and directories and due to our marketing campaigns, receives thousands of unique visitors every day.

We are now based in sunny Perth, Western Australia. You can contact WebCity :
UK Telephone Number: 0116 2341414
14 Ankuri Pass, Carramar, WA, Australia 6031.

Please contact us by email if you have any questions or have any feedback about UK Classifieds.

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